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Tactical Flashlight Resources

  • Types of Tactical Flashlights
    There are several styles of tactical flashlights. You should understand their differences before picking a light.

  • Tactical Flashlight Performance
    Do you need an impact-resistant flashlight? What kind of batteries do these lights take? We'll cover everything you need to know about tactical flashlight performance.

  • Functions and Features
    Between light modes, different on and off functions and a multitude of materials, tactical flashlights have a vast array of unique features and functions.

Recent Tactical Flashlight Reviews

Fenix TK20R Rechargeable Flashlight

4.0 star rating Bright

Very bright. Two buttons and I wish they both cycled rather than one (tail) on/off and one (barrel button) cycling modes.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by A M

Streamlight Sidewinder Boot

3.5 star rating Good emergency light source

The light source is adjustable but the metal boot clip needs to be of thicker metal

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by David R

Streamlight ProTac 1L Professional Tactical

5.0 star rating Great light

Small and bright, great for everyday carry. Will be purchasing several more for my backpacks.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Lauren B

The Tactical Flashlights Destination

Combine tough, durable construction with powerful light and you’ve got an unstoppable tool. Each style in our vast selection of tactical flashlights match that impressive description. Every aspect of these lights is devoted to enhancing visibility and giving the user the upper hand. Some models even feature a built-in strobe function to disorient the enemy. From lightweight models for easy everyday carry to heavy duty styles designed for hard-use, we carry high-lumen tactical flashlights from the most innovative light brands in the industry. Browse our vast selection.