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Military Gear Resources

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  • Military Uniforms
    From OCPs and NWUs to classic battlefield apparel, learn everything you need to know about old and new United States Military uniforms.

  • APEL Eyewear
    Soldiers can't wear just any sunglasses — their eyewear is strictly regulated. Make sure your shades are on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List.

  • AK-47 vs. AR-15
    How do an AK-47 and an AR-15 stack up head-to-head? Learn everything there is to know about these two classic firearms.

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    The Sig Sauer P320 has replaced the Beretta M9 as the Army’s standard-issue pistol. Take a look at the similarities (and differences) between these two handguns.

  • How to Choose Military Boots
    With so many options to choose from, finding the right pair of military boots can be tough. Luckily for you, we’re here to help.

Recent Military Gear Reviews

Propper Expandable Backpack

5.0 star rating The perfect backpack

This bag has more than enough room for everything I carry. It's sturdy and holds up really well. Definitely recommend it to everyone.

by Daniel B

Sandpiper of California Long Range Bugout Bag

5.0 star rating Wow- an amazing bag & Amazing Customer Service.

Great frame, excellent storage internally and externally- incredibly well thought out with tons of compartments. Love that you can secure the straps for what I'd call "airport mode", then go backpacking when you land. Not too mention excellent customer service. Frankly I cannot say enough good things about this company / product. Rare to see a company stand by it's product as they have. 1 small issue with a zipper, and they rectified it immediately. Props to you SOC.

by Chris R

NIKE 8" SFB Gen 2 Boots

4.0 star rating Not as good as the Gen 1

I got the Gen 2 for Christmas 2019 as a replacement for my Gen 1 SFB. My Gen 1 boots lasted almost 5 years as my everyday work boot. Being October 2021, I noticed my Gen 2 ripping the leather where the bottom shoe lace eyelet strap is sewed in. This is one major change from the Gen 1 to the Gen 2. I wished Nike would have just left it alone or still offered the Gen 1.... Or combine the 2 for Gen 3. Otherwise, these are great light weight boots.

by Jerad E

McRae 8" Panama Boots

1.0 star rating Great for others

I got these boots initially and they were quite a bit too narrow for my feet, so I returned them immediately for a wide. The wide feels a little better, but not quite wide enough for my forefoot, but the heel... well the heel is incredibly wide. I wore these for two weeks to break them in before a big airsoft event, and my intention was to wear these as my primary for that and for hiking later since the tread is much larger than my Rockies. The break in with the Rockies was like a month, but I wore them the entire event because these gave me crazy terrible blisters. We're talking rubbed the skin off my heel on both feet and it wept and bled for almost a week. Had to play the entire event with my heels wrapped up. I've barely worn mine, not sure what to do. I really wanted to like these.

by Dominic B

Maxtacs Classic E.D.C Recon Backpacks

5.0 star rating Carry-On Ready!

I was reluctant to use a standard size backpack to use as a carry-on for a quick four-day trip. I didn't need too much packing space, wanted it to easily stuff it under the seat for quick deplaning. The MaxTacs backpack easily accommodated all I needed for the trip (electronics, book, extra clothes and toiletries) and, with the adjustable straps, it made for a very small/compact piece of luggage that married-up well with my over-head carry-on. It's well constructed, ergonomic and I look forward to put it on the road or - in the air.

by Art C

Merrell 8" Moab 2 Tactical Side-Zip Waterproof Boots

1.5 star rating Bummer

I LOVED my MOABs for years, so I thought I’d love these. I didn’t. Really wanted to, but after wearing these for 4 months they only got less comfortable. The ankle shaft is very thick and stiff. Good for stability, but it never broke in and only caused uncomfortable rubbing. I tried wearing them both looser and tighter, neither fixed the problem. I’m admittedly picky on boots, but I really did want these to work and tried. Switching back to an old pair made me realize how futile it was trying to make these Merrill’s work though. Additionally, despite Merrill’s reassurance these are coyote brown, they are really a sand color. Wearing them in uniform I never really got called out, but I should have been. Like I said, I really wanted to love these, but they never wore right for me.

by Matt S

ASP Scribe DF Flashlight

5.0 star rating Flashlight

Great product it's very bright and rugged for its size

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Ted G

Propper Cotton Ripstop BDU Pants

3.5 star rating Decent

Decent for the price. Pockets are not deep enough. Side tab adjustment is poor, keeps slipping. Ankle ties for blousing are smooth functioning.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Waddie S

Garmont T8 Bifida Boots

5.0 star rating Impressive!

I have worn combat boots for over 20+ years in the military. I had never had a pair of Garmont boots until today when I tried on the Belleville, Altama, and others in person at a store at the Army PX. I was really impressed with the comfort of Garmont T8 Bifida boots. I wore them around the store for about 10 minutes and decided to buy them. I've been wearing these all day and I feel like I have owned these for a year; they were that comfortable to my feet. What I learned is that Garmont uses orthopedic foot pads in their boots which were very comfortable! The outer portion is high-quality material and the soles are Vibram. Sold!! If you haven't tried Garmont, you really should. You won't be sorry. (D.V. Army - Ret.)

by Dr. V.

Under Armour Valsetz RTS 1.5 Boots

5.0 star rating Awesome boot

These boots are lighteeight yet warm. They will be a great addition to my outdoor apparel.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Timothy M

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