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Recent Military Gear Reviews

Altama 8" Vengeance SR Side-Zip Boots

5.0 star rating Comfortable from day one.

I had been wearing a pair of Irish Setter Mesabi loggers for over 3 years and every time I wore them my feet, back and legs would be screaming after 2 or 3 hours - they never did break in. I ordered these Altamas hoping for some relief and they've been better than I even hoped for. From the first time I put them on they were comfortable, and they have the ankle support I need after several repeated injuries over the years. The side zip feature makes them easier to put on and take off than traditional top entry boots. That's really nice since I resprained my anke again a couple weeks before receiving them. I wore them around the house for a couple of days to loosen them up and make sure they were the right size before wearing them to mow and weed eat my M-I-L's 10 acre property. Not once did I experience any discomfort, blisters or loss of traction on difficult terrain and when I pulled them off after finishing the yard, my feet, back and legs felt no worse than if I'd been sitting around watching TV all day. I'm hoping these won't feel too hot once we hit the hottest part of Summer but I'll see how they feel then. The only difficulty I've had has been trying to adjust the lace tightness so they're snug enough to wear but easy enough to put on and take off using just the side zippers: laced too tightly makes them difficult to use the zippers, tied more loosely and it's easier using the zippers but tied too loosely and my feet slide around inside the boots a little more than I like. Once I get that dialed in, I doubt I'll ever untie them again unless I'm replacing the laces. I ordered my normal size and I'm wearing them with the original factory insoles and they're perfectly comfortable, but I'm only doing yard work. If you're wearing them for 10 or 12 hour work shifts, or marching several miles, you might want to consider better insoles. Other than that, I'd definitely recommend these to anyone needing a comfortable, supportive boot that has great traction on difficult terrain. If they offered this same style with steel toes I'd order them in a heartbeat for the days I use my chainsaw. I wasn't sure if I'd like the side zip or not but I love these boots and wish I'd bought them 3 years ago instead of those damned Irish Setters - after the first time mowing with these, I threw the Irish Setters in the trash.

by Jack L

Safariland ALS Low Signature Holster

4.5 star rating What a value Tacitical Gear

The holster fits my belt and my kit perfectly

Verified Buyer

by Wildman

Mercury Tactical Gear Monster Deployment Bag (TAA)

5.0 star rating Tough as nails

I had been looking for a bag like this for some time. After going through lesser bags over the years, I went with the mercury monster. This thing is quality through and through and comes with a lifetime warranty. Big enough to hold all of my gear and I don’t have to worry about the sides or bottoms tearing. The three wheels are solid and wide enough to handle the weight. The top and sides have enough padding to protect internal contents from a rough environment it was clearly built to handle. The only downside I see is that handles don’t provide enough extension and the back of your feet can hit the bag when pulling.

by Joshua S

Condor Watch Cap

5.0 star rating Cover your head the right way

Standard issue stuff is ok, but condor is so much better. I now have this cap in coyote and black. The cap is soft and comfortable. Fits nice and looks good even after getting dirty and washed several times. Highly recommended.

Verified Buyer

by brandon b

TRU-SPEC Nylon / Cotton Ripstop Boonie Hat

5.0 star rating Boonie hat

Good quality and a perfect fit. Exactly what I was looking for.

Verified Buyer

by Derek S

Danner 8" Tanicus Waterproof Boots

3.5 star rating To narrow.

I tried a 7.5 ee and 8ee. Both to narrow. I never had this problem with american made danners. At half the price of the American made danners. They seem to be made fairly well. However there sizes should be standardized. Regardless of factory.

Verified Buyer

by David O

Fenix E12 V2.0 AA Flashlight

2.0 star rating meh - little light

160 lumens ??? meh. while the unit is solid, nice design it's output is poor. much like an old school D batter flashlight. If it was a tad bit smaller it would be a good key chain light - but anything more it's not worthy.

by scott l

Gerber Pack Hatchet

5.0 star rating Great tool

Feels great in hand. Love the finger grip for shaving off some fire starter.

Verified Buyer

by Mitchel B

Bates Tactical Sport 2 Tall Side-Zip Boots

5.0 star rating all round work boot

I like how light weight the boots are. Noninsulated great for summer. Most leather boots just wear out to quick. Second pair of these I've owned. Take a scrub brush and clean and dry in no time. Not steal toe, I'm not a steal worker.

Verified Buyer

by Henry M

Propper Nylon Tactical Belt

4.0 star rating Buckle Up

Sturdy and fully adjustable, this belt can do the job. I did notice that it was a bit rigid but it may soften with wear. The first couple of times I wore it, I found it difficult to tighten it appropriately as it would slip a bit. Again, this may become less of a problem with wear.

Verified Buyer

by David K

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