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Condor CR 7 Pocket Chest Rig

4.0 star rating Does more than you think

Why does nobody mention the sleeve pockets behind the utility pouches? I've seen a bunch of reviews and videos on this rig, and it seems that nobody has noticed the sleeve pockets. For me, the AKM and FAL are my go-to, favorite rifles and the sleeve pockets can easily carry 2 of both types of mags, albeit open topped and thus prone to bouncing onto the ground if running. My solution when training in the woods around my house is to use these mags first when it comes time to reload. The main 3 double mag pouches do indeed carry 2 FAL & AKM mags, you just have to let the belts lengthen all the way. It's a tight squeeze at first, but the fabric will stretch. A good way to facilitate this is keeping a pair of mags down-loaded 2 rounds ( so you have the weight of loaded mags and don't wear your follower springs out ) and pulling up and then re-sheathing the mags, grabbing both at the same time and repeating the motion rapidly and vigorously again and again. I do this while watching T.V. and movies. The fit gets better and better the more you do it, just remember to keep the straps all the way lengthened. Since you have all of that room inside the lid flaps on the mag pouches and they should be carried base-plates up, the fact that AKM 30s are a bit wider at the base-plates isn't a problem. Remember to keep the Velcro from engaging and don't worry about the several inches of exposed magazines between the lid flaps and tops of the pouches ( on 30 round AK mags ) when you click the buckles together after your drawing and re-inserting the mags sessions. If you don't mind 20 round AK mags, it's even easier to fit but hard to think of those extra 10 rounds per mag you wish you had, especially given how scary fast ammo burns up when you're using it for real. I use the utility pouch on the right to carry a pair of quart sized, heavy-duty Ziploc bags ( the kind with the zippers on top ), one to keep some trauma kit items ( Quick Clot, Sulfa powder, tourniquet, sutures, gauze, glacier gel, bandages, small role of surgical tape, etc... ), and one for meds ( I keep a handful of sandwich baggies in the meds bag to carry supplies of my prescription meds ( pain killers, tranquilizers, blood pressure, and muscle relaxers ) and additional meds of the same kind ( if SHTF happens, you're going to need them anyway, and unprescribed meds will be the least of your worries ) as well as antibiotics, antihistamines, and so on. In the pouch on the left, I squeeze in 4 more rifle mags. Again, tight fit, but it can be done. The mag pouches, sleeve pockets, and utility pouches can even be used to carry 20 round FN FAL and similar .308 mags in. The big, central pocket I use to squeeze in an old, British SAS type 58 kidney pouch ( a bit bigger than a 200 round SAW gunner pouch ) to carry either more mags or, most often, ammo to reload my rifle and pistol mags, as well as things like 550 paracord, small LED flashlight, chem lights, and so on. The back horizontal strap has several loops for ALICE clips to attach an E Tool, canteen and general purpose utility pouch, and whatever you may clip onto those 5 ALICE clip loops. During training in the woods, and probably for the "real thing" if that happened, I wear either the assault pack of my ILBE with a 100 ounce hydration bladder, some general supplies, and a couple pouches MOLLEd onto it, or an Eagle Industries 100 ounce hydration bladder carrier with rows of MOLLE on it, containing my Camel Back, with a couple of pouches carrying field supplies. Well, that was long, wasn't it? I just wanted to cover some of the possibilities of a chest rig that most people would think is an air soft rig but will actually be useful if you need to strap on the pistol belt and chest rig, and handle threats. You also save $ on pouches, bonus!

by Jay

Condor MA25 Utility Leg Rig

5.0 star rating Great!

Works great! I removed the radio pouch and replaced it phone utility pouch, fits perfectly.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Jason D T

Condor Drop Leg Platform

5.0 star rating Perfect!

Wish i had bought this years ago. Works like a charm and I can’t believe it is as comfortable as it is.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by JMan

From heavy-duty tactical vests to assault chest rigs, we offer a wide selection of vests and platforms to meet all of your gear and ammo storage needs. Designed for intense missions that require rapid magazine access, our chest and leg rigs are made from rugged materials and can endure constant field abuse. We also carry a variety of reliable tactical vests that feature adjustable shoulder straps, universal webbing platforms and multiple pockets for versatile storage. Whether you are gearing up for a long hunting trip, preparing for a tough mission or seeking on-hand gear access, we have the vests and platforms for you.