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  • Concealed Carry Holsters
    Find out how to reduce printing and carry your handgun as discreetly as possible.

  • Open Carry Holsters
    Want to keep your weapon readily accessible? These are the holsters perfect for open carry.

  • Duty and Tactical Holsters
    As an LEO or military member, your weapon is an essential part of your uniform. The holster you put it in is just as important.

  • Holster Materials
    Are you a fan of classic leather, or are you more of a kydex enthusiast? Learn the differences and why they matter.

  • Holster Retention Methods
    Sometimes your weapon needs to be holstered tightly, other times you need to draw it quickly. Different scenarios warrant different levels of holster retention.

Recent Holster Reviews

Blackhawk Stache IWB Premium Holster Kit - Light-Bearing

1.0 star rating Terrible Holster

The holster does not hold retention of the firearm and the screws cannot be tighten. This holster is very unsafe. The mag carry seams to be OK and holding the magazine secure. I am surprised that Blackhawk makes such a terrible holster for concealed carry. Wish I could returned it.

Verified Buyer

by Inna B

Condor Vertical Shoulder Holster

5.0 star rating As advertised

Great product for the cost

Verified Buyer

by Brian

Blackhawk Omega 6 Universal Modular Light Holster

3.0 star rating Not what I was expecting!

This Holster did not live up to my expectations!

Verified Buyer

by Steven R

The Holster Destination

Elite operators need a holster with the right fit and style to serve them in any mission. Finding the perfect holster has never been easier. You can browse tactical, duty or concealment holsters, depending on your operational needs and personal preferences. You can also sort products by brand, material or top-selling models. Not sure where to start? Read through our holster resources section to learn how to choose the right holster and to compare different types of holsters and materials. You can find a number of styles with adjustable straps and cutting-edge technology in weapon retention options for complete control of your weapon, giving you all-day comfort and peace of mind.