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Recent TRU-SPEC Reviews

TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series Lightweight Tactical Pants

5.0 star rating Perfect fit fast shipping

Not only was the shipping fast. The items described were exact upon delivery and a perfect fit!

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by John & Amani B

TRU-SPEC Xtreme Belt System

3.5 star rating High Quality belt but I wish...

So my quarrel isn't with the belt itself, it's with the lack of clarity in the product description. It is a high quality product but just because it has the low profile cobra buckle doesn't mean it is going to be easier to put through your pants belt loops. This belt is quite a pain in the a** to put on, and slow as heck to remove from your pants this is due to the way it latches. It doesn't just secure with the cobra buckle it also over laps itself and Velcro's together making it bulky. Like I said initially good product, but it's not exactly what I was looking for.

by Adam M

TRU-SPEC Hot Weather OCP Uniform Pants (IHWCU)

5.0 star rating Pants

Durable you can wear thermals under if needed, wear well with battle belt and armor on.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Brad I

The TRU-SPEC Headquarters

TRU-SPEC’s name stands for “true specifications” and was inspired by the idea of meeting military specifications. Each product is engineered to meet strict standards, ensuring long-lasting performance from any gear branded with the TRU-SPEC name. The TRU-SPEC brand has provided public safety professionals and military personnel with quality, functional apparel since 1996. But its roots in the military and tactical field run much deeper. Its parent company, Atlanco, started as a military surplus distributor in 1950. As surplus supplies started to run out, the company manufactured its own Atlanco brand of tactically inspired clothing and equipment in the 1980s. With TRU-SPEC, the company doubled down on its mission to arm elite operators with the most advanced, reliable equipment and apparel on the market.