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Duty Gear Resources

  • How to Set Up a Police Duty Belt
    Most police academies provide recommendations on setting up a duty belt. However, organizing your belt is an ongoing trial-and-error process.

  • Duty and Tactical Holsters
    As an LEO or military member, your weapon is an essential part of your uniform. The holster you put it in is just as important.

  • Holster Materials
    Are you a fan of classic leather, or are you more of a kydex enthusiast? Learn the differences and why they matter.

  • Holster Retention Methods
    Sometimes your weapon needs to be holstered tightly, other times you need to draw it quickly. Different scenarios warrant different levels of holster retention.

  • The Tactical Rifle in Law Enforcement
    For many years, the only long gun in police work was the 12-gauge shotgun. Two incidents would change police tactics and weapons nationwide.

Recent Duty Gear Reviews

ASP 60cm Talon Baton

4.5 star rating Asp 60cm Talon Baton

Excelent Baton I like

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Julio A

Condor Handcuff Case

5.0 star rating This product is a great asset for me to have.

The construction of this accessory item is well thought out and made, also I use this item to hold my axe/Hatchet sharpening puck while I’m in the field. Handy, secure & convenient.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Neal B

ASP Agent Baton

4.5 star rating Exactly as advertised

Was exactly as advertised and arrive really quick with everything going on right now. Have no complaints at this time.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Bill M

Protect and serve. This is the mission law enforcement officers and security personnel set for themselves and they courageously face dangerous situations to achieve it. This calls for duty gear strong enough to protect and serve them in the line of duty. At TacticalGear.com, we provide a huge collection of cutting-edge duty gear from trusted brands like Blackhawk, Condor and Uncle Mike’s. You can choose from an assortment of durable materials and versatile styles, making it easy to find the equipment that suits you best. From duty belts and holsters to handcuff pouches and key straps, you can find the best duty gear on the market.