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Military Boot Resources

  • How to Blouse Your Military Boots
    Often a uniform requirement, blousing provides a clean, professional look. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper technique.

  • Military Boots Types
    Each branch of the military has their own footwear regulations. There are stark differences between Army, Navy, Air Force, USMC and Coast Guard boots.

  • Military Boots Features
    Military footwear comes equipped with plenty of unique features. It's important to know your boot inside and out.

  • Military Boots Compliance
    Navigating military purchasing restrictions can be tough. It's important to make sure your boots comply with proper regulations.

  • Military Boots Components
    From the upper and the outsole to the materials that make them up, it's wise to be familiar with the components of your boots.

  • Military Boots Fit
    Not too loose but not too tight — make sure the military boots you choose fit perfectly.

Recent Military Boot Reviews

Thorogood 8" Trooper Jump Side-Zip Boots

5.0 star rating So far so good

I've only worn these for about a week now. Right out of the box the fit was perfect. Good toe room, good fit on the heel of the foot. Insoles are good so far. Leather quality is good. Side zipper is coated metal and not plastic which is very good. They clean and polish/shine up well when scuffed. The feel very durable but are surprisingly light for a mostly leather boot. I will definitely be buying thorogood again.

Verified Buyer

by Daniel S

NIKE 8" SFB Jungle Leather Boots

2.0 star rating Hurt my Feet

The toe box is too small and they hurt my feet, particularly my left foot. Otherwise i liked them.

Verified Buyer

by Zane O

Reebok 8" Hyper Velocity Boots

0.5 star rating Worst boot… ever

Not since people stopped wearing wooden shoes has there been a such an uncomfortable boot. 30+ years of military service, and worn work or hunting boots all my life. This is literally the worst boot I’ve ever worn.

Verified Buyer

by Tim O

Lowa Zephyr MK2 GTX Hi Boots

1.0 star rating Stiff as wearing bricks

I sent these boots back yesterday. I bought these boots 1/2 size larger and they still didn’t fit. But while I had them on I could tell they were not going to be comfortable. The sole was not forgiving at all.

Verified Buyer

by William C

The Military Boots Leader

Every service member knows that a good, rugged pair of military boots can be life changing. The boots you lace up affect your speed, agility, accuracy and your ultimate performance. When they aren’t up to par, every obstacle is even more overwhelming. During a tough training or in a hostile environment, you need boots you can rely on.

Luckily, finding that perfect pair of military boots has never been easier. At, we offer a complete collection of footwear manufactured by world-class engineers at major military footwear suppliers. From Army-authorized coyote brown boots to the sleek sage boots Airmen favor, all branches can find an option that caters to them specifically.

Plus, every style is embedded with cutting-edge technologies designed to keep feet comfortable and, above all, protected. Your footwear should never hold you back. Stay on top of your game by shopping the best military boots on the market.