Lightweight Military Boots

Lightweight Military Boots

The Ultimate Collection of Featherweight Footwear

Heavy boots can hold you back. Stay quick on your feet by investing in a pair of lightweight military boots. Don’t let the featherweight feel fool you—this footwear is engineered for combat. Top brands have employed the latest technology to cut bulk from boots without sacrificing aggressiveness. Made from lightweight, breathable and durable materials, these boots offer protection with that barely-there feel. We broke down the top styles and put them on one easy-to-navigate page. Compare the best lightweight boots side-by-side, and keep your feet feeling fresh. Shop now to get the ultimate in performance without bulky boots weighing you down.

Danner Tachyon

Weight: 13 oz. per boot

Equipped with essential technologies, the Tachyon is Danner's lightest boot ever.

TG Outrider

Weight: 18.6 oz. per boot

Designed from the ground up for the athletic operator.

Rocky RLW

Weight: 18 oz. per boot

Lightweight and athletic for a performance boost in the field.

Tactical Research Mini-Mil

Weight: 16 oz. per boot

Light and breathable, this surprisingly durable boot provides day-long support and comfort.

5.11 Taclite

Weight: 18 oz. - 19.5 oz. per boot

Built for speed, these boots are the right choice for the operator on the go.

Belleville One Xero

Weight: 20 oz. per boot

When lightweight is a requirement, lace up a pair of these Berry-compliant boots.

Under Armour Jungle Rat

Weight: 18 oz. per boot

The Jungle Rat provides nothing but peak mobility and durability.