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Tactical Boot Resources

  • How to Blouse Your Boots
    Often a uniform requirement, blousing provides a clean, professional look. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper technique.

  • Military Boots Types
    Each branch of the military has their own footwear regulations. There are stark differences between Army, Navy, Air Force, USMC and Coast Guard boots.

  • Military Boots Features
    Military footwear comes equipped with plenty of unique features. It’s important to know your boot inside and out.

  • Military Boots Fit
    Not too loose but not too tight — make sure the military boots you choose fit perfectly.

  • Types of Police Footwear
    Are you in a motorcycle unit, or are you walking the beat? Different police duties require different footwear. Learn all about which types are out there.

  • Police Footwear Features
    From side zippers to insulation, there are plenty of police footwear features to fit your needs and preference alike.

  • Police Footwear Fit
    No one wants to be uncomfortable on the job. Learn about police footwear fit to make sure your patrol boots aren’t too loose or too tight.

Recent Tactical Boot Reviews

Bates 8" Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boots

5.0 star rating Great Product

The fit is perfect and very comfortable the first time trying on.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Robert T

Under Armour HOVR Dawn Waterproof Boots

5.0 star rating Great boot

I've been using the boot for deer, quail and chucker hunting in California. I've probably hiked about 20 miles in them so far. Very comfortable right out of the box.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Chad H

Tactical Research Alpha B9Z Side-Zip Boots

5.0 star rating Alpha B9Z Boots

The boots were comfortable the minute I put them on. The side zippers seem like if I pull too hard on them they will break. Seem a little flimsy compared to other side zip boots I have had. All in all I like them very much just for the comfort aspect. Thinking about buying another pair just to get me to retirement in a couple of years..

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Jackie L

The Tactical Boots Destination

Whether they are running into burning buildings, chasing down suspects, standing guard or speeding to save a life, public safety professionals put a beating on their feet. Law enforcement officers, EMTs and firefighters need specialized tactical boots that provide excellent protection and enhance performance in the field. Our tactical boots offer the latest technology to help you excel in any tactical operation. We created an easy-to-navigate page so you can shop by toe type, special features and occupation. It makes it easy for you to find the characteristics you prize, from waterproof materials to side-zip designs. Finding the perfect fit has never been easier.