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Tactical Pants Resources

  • How to Blouse Your Pants
    Most commonly done with BDU pants, blousing provides a clean, professional look. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper technique.

  • Tactical Pants Types
    You shouldn't just choose your tactical pants randomly. The style of pants you pick factors into the pant's performance.

  • Tactical Pants Features
    Tactical pants have many creative functions. Different, intuitive refinements will affect how your pants will work for you.

  • Tactical Pants Materials
    Related directly to your comfort and agility, materials are an integral part of choosing your tactical pants.

  • Tactical Pants Fit
    Not too loose but not too tight — make sure the tactical pants you choose fit perfectly.

  • How to Measure Your Inseam
    Want to ensure you have the right length? We'll teach you how to measure your inseam so your pants aren’t too long or too short.

Tactical Pants Reviews

Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants

5.0 star rating I love this product!

I am extremely pleased with my tactical pants. The fit is perfect and they are so comfortable to wear.

Verified Buyer

by Chuck G

TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series Lightweight Tactical Pants

5.0 star rating Decent pants but not quite was I was hoping for.

I'm 5'-10" tall, weigh 145 lbs and have a hard time finding pants in my size (28-29 waist, 32-33 inseam). I sincerely want to thank the folks at this website for carrying my size in so many styles. I wear my cargo/tactical pants mostly for yard work on a ten acre property where the extra pockets are stuffed with tools and supplies. First off, the amount of pockets and pocket space in these pants is impressive. The front edge of the cargo pocket flaps, as well as the small pockets outside of them and the back pockets are bar tacked down - it made them difficult to fully access so I used a stitch ripper and opened them up. No big deal, just personal preference. A bigger concern for me is, I absolutely HATE expandable waistbands, I always have. These aren't terrible by any means but bending or kneeling stretches out the waistband and causes the pants to slide down a little each time, where it stays once I stand up - that's annoying but a belt helps some. I live in upper middle TN where Summers consistently hit mid to upper 90's (and higher) and the humidity can reach 80% or higher. The poly/cotton blend just doesn't breathe in those conditions - but it makes the pants launder up great, no wrinkles at all and no shrinkage that I've noticed. Overall I don't hate these, they're okay I'll continue to wear them, just on slightly cooler days with less humidity, the first time wearing them it was 94° with 85% humidity and I roasted. The second time it was a bit cooler with similar humidity and I was more comfortable. Shortly after trying these pants, I ordered a pair of Tru-Spec, 100% cotton rip-stop BDUs, they fit me much better with slide lock waistband tabs and they seem to breathe more, just wish they had the same number of pockets as these 24-7s. I'm currently waiting on a pair of Propper cotton BDUs to compare them but I think they're more my style. Overall I think these 24-7s are a good buy if your okay with stretching waistbands and the poly/cotton blend, I simply prefer natura fibers like cotton for Summer and wool for Winter. Either way, this site has it covered and I'm grateful to have so many choices in my size.

by Jack in Nashville.

Vertx Delta 2.1 Pants

4.0 star rating I like this product very much

I wish you had more colors to choose from and please keep the price affordable I’d like to buy at least two or three more pair

Verified Buyer

by lennox m

The Tactical Pants Leader

When your job is demanding, your apparel needs to be a step up from ordinary. These aren’t anything like your average cargo pants. With speed-focused designs and intelligent storage options, tactical pants are designed to keep you fast moving and at peak performance.

With a look similar to the Army BDU pants, this strategically designed trouser style first gained popularity with FBI professionals because it was agile, tough and optimized for carrying a weapon. Today’s tactical pants are even more impressive. From the fabric type to the belt-loop width, every aspect is engineered to cater specifically to first responders, police officers and other tactical professionals. Check out our Tactical Pants Guide for a complete breakdown of fit and function on our top-selling styles.

We offer world-class tactical pants from the top brands in the business, including TRU-SPEC, Propper and Under Armour. Whether you need covert khakis to stay low-profile or aggressive multi-pocket trousers, you’re sure to find a high-performance style to meet your needs. Shop our selection and enjoy the confidence a pair of sharp-looking, feature-focused tactical pants can give you.