Propper Reviews


Propper Reviews

Propper Uniform Poly / Cotton Ripstop BDU Coats

4.0 star rating Throwback

In the early days, only the Vietnamese made tiger stripe camo so we bought locally. This is a lightweight jacket almost exactly like the one I had. Just don't confuse it with the M65 or similar field jacket.

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by Boswell

Propper Uniform Poly / Cotton Ripstop BDU Pants

5.0 star rating I work at airport and use these pants. Love these.

My work use to buy these pants for us, but they switched brands and no longer buy them. So I buy them myself. I wish you would carry 1x,2x,3x sizes more in stead of picking a size like 40 size. Love these pants.

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by Michelle J

Propper Nylon / Cotton OCP Uniform Pants

2.5 star rating I cannot recommend

Poor quality especially the sewing of the buttons the top button fell off within a half hour of wear inside the house I looked at the other buttons and they seem to be just tacked on will have to finish sewing the buttons myself no sewing shop available here anymore there is not much room for your privates down below either and the top hem at the belt line is rough and will cause major skin irritation don't know how to remedy that problem yet do yourself a favor buy something else not even worth the price of army surplus pants should of taken heed after someone mentioned concerns on the stitching which is subpar which I totally agree with his assessment

by Bull

Propper Triple M4 Kangaroo Insert

4.0 star rating Low profile

Very versatile with multiple plate carries all around good system for a low profile setup.

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by Timothy W

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by Joseph L

Propper Cotton Ripstop Boonie Hats

4.5 star rating Good hat

Good hat for the money.

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by Kerry E

Propper REVTAC Pants

5.0 star rating Great pants

Great pants as always. Gives a clean professional in the field.

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by David W

Propper Range Bag

5.0 star rating Works good

Well made, right size, like the color.

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by Poppy

Propper 180 Belt

5.0 star rating I love the propper belts

I really like the propper 180 series belts. Price is right, very durable

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by BB

Propper M65 Field Coat

4.5 star rating Just what I was looking for .

Happy with the jacket

Verified Buyer

by Rex P

Propper Cotton Ripstop BDU Shorts (Zip Fly)

5.0 star rating Right on !

Fit’s me really well and the number of pockets is perfect !

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by Big B

Propper Cotton Ripstop BDU Pants

5.0 star rating Perfect !

More than meet’s my expectations and needs !

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by Big B

Propper FR Extrication Suit

5.0 star rating Really great product

Quality of product is very good.

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by richard h

Propper Lithos Pants

5.0 star rating Well worth the money. Better fit than Kuhl

Great fit love the pockets

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by Nolan B

by Theo

Propper Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Patrol Caps

5.0 star rating hat

was fully satisfied with this.

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Propper Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Pants

5.0 star rating Nice Pants

I much prefer these over the rip stop ones. The material is softer and much more "work pant" like rather then the parachute pant feel of the rip stop ones and of course they don't make that noise as you walk. Shipping was quick and price was fair.

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by D.

Propper Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats

4.5 star rating Propper product enough said

Awesome service fast shipping will be ordering again have already ordered four complete bdu sets m81 woodland digital woodland (marpat) ) three color desert and khaki will be ordering digital desert ( despat ) next

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by Eric M

Propper 6" Series 100 Side-Zip Waterproof Boots

1.0 star rating These boots squeeze my feet

These boots are definitely not for me, to tight, they run small, I always wear size 7 with Bates brand, but right now I don’t know my size with Propper. I decided to find another brand

by Denys G

Propper Stretch Mesh Hood Fitted Hat

1.0 star rating THE SIZE IS NOT ACCURATE


by GAN