Condor Reviews


Condor Reviews

Condor Instructor's Belt

5.0 star rating Will continue to replace

Sturdy, well made, and great for everyday wear. I wear a holster and cuff case with it daily, and have never had an issue. Buckle does work for rappelling, no issues. It’s a belt, it works!

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by Adam J

Condor Sentry Plate Carrier

5.0 star rating Very nice.

Lightweight, good fit, and Adjustable.

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by Big Hungry

Condor Hydration Carrier 2

3.5 star rating It's okay.

Overall, it's good for what it does, which is to carry a hydration bladder and a couple of other things. However, the straps aren't very comfortable. The MOLLE is not even to the PALS on my plate carrier so it offsets to the side. I decided to just fasten it with paracord and cinch it down with some straps I had. If you're not concerned about MOLLE webbing or cargo space I would recommend the Mission Made Hydration Pack. It's less expensive and performs the same task but with better shoulder straps. Here is a picture of the Condor Hydration Carrier 2 as it appears on my plate carrier:


Condor Base II Mid-Weight Drawers

5.0 star rating Great Product!

Great product that keeps you warm without the bulk. Absolutely would recommend and would buy again! Thank you!

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by Ethan L

Condor Bravo Fleece Jacket

3.0 star rating Nice but not for extensive use

Had this about a year, into the second fall/winter and the zipper fractured and broke, likely from repeated washer/dryer cycles. Beyond that, it’s a solid layer. A bit thin but for its thickness (or lack thereof) kept me surprisingly warm. Below freezing, low wind chills, wet weather, pick something else. Does pick up lint around the squares on the arms where the patches would be placed that is near impossible to remove without some tedious time picking it out, but just a nuisance. Good buy, cheap enough to not worry about ruining in the field.

by Anthony D

Condor Vertical Shoulder Holster

4.0 star rating Good deal

This holster is well made, however it took a lot of reconfiguring of the straps to holster positions to get it to fit correctly. (Straps had to be moved to opposite side of holster)

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by Greg D

Condor MCR5 Recon Chest Rig

2.0 star rating Seems good - back strap is way too long

The strap that goes around your lower back is way, way, too long. I'm 5'11", 205lbs, and with it cinched down to the smallest size it falls down like a diaper. Weird that they got that piece wrong with everything else fairly dialed in.

by Tim D

Condor 3-Day Assault Pack

5.0 star rating Excellent, exactly what I wanted.

A little heavy, but that's due to it's bomb proof construction. You can use and abuse it and it's gonna act like new.highly recommend, you get what you pay for.

by Victor J

Condor Base II Zip Pullover

5.0 star rating Warm and comfy doesn’t ride up when working


Verified Buyer

by Brett A

Condor MOPC Modular Operator Plate Carrier GEN II

5.0 star rating Looks good!

I haven't low crawled through the field but fits great, once adjusted. Like other vests the velcro is very strong (brand new) and it's a workout just trying the adjust for size and placing the plates and pouches. No complaints!

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by Matthew W

Condor Summit Soft Shell Jacket

4.0 star rating Best jacket to withstand the elements

I love this jacket, it protects you from the elements unlike any other jacket I have own. The only issue that I have is how the hood is rolled up into the collar. The collar is so stiff that it won’t lay down. It gets to be un comfortable at times, especially when your driving. I feel that it should just have an attached hood.

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by Luther S

Condor Exo Plate Carrier Gen II

5.0 star rating Highly Recommend

I am using this for corrections very breathable light weight and holds all gear securely and proportionally. Doesnt move around or ride up especially when sitting or bending over. plates fit like a glove,extreamly adjustable and well worth the money.

by River Smith

Condor Single Pistol Mag Pouch

4.0 star rating hvy duty

its a lil bulkier than i thot but works for my need

Verified Buyer

by emory h

Condor Gunner Plate Carrier

5.0 star rating Vevry good product

Very good product but very good customer service I highly recommended this site

Verified Buyer

by Andrew R

Condor Ranger Panty Shorts

5.0 star rating Quite sheer and the double layer is fantastic.

I bought the black in medium. The fabric is quite sheer. There's an inside layer that is brief style and the outside layer is running shorts style. Together they are kinda see-through, yet cover just enough. I bought two pairs. One for *work* and the other for home lounging.

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by Riely D

Condor 4 x 4 Utility Pouch

5.0 star rating G2G 👍👍

Nice little pouch, I use it to carry my GoPro on the outside of my pack as a quick grab when needed. Works great 👍👍

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by Steve-o

Condor 4" MOD Straps (4 Pack)

5.0 star rating Great

These go great with the belts i bought they are perfect

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by Angela A

Condor Alpha Micro Fleece Jacket

5.0 star rating Awesome fleece

Fit great good with summit jacket for cold weather

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by john b

Condor Baton Pouch

5.0 star rating Fit ASP Baton

Condor make great pouches for anything you have

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by john b

Condor Stealth Operator Pants

5.0 star rating Good Pair of Pants

These fit pretty well, maybe a tad generous. They are a bit baggy but they’re tac pants not skinny jeans, just depends on what you’re going for and your tastes. I really dig the device pouch inside the cargo pocket, makes for a clean appearance. I can fit both my personal phone, my work phone, a knife, multi-tool, and inspection light in these no problem. I definitely recommend these.

Verified Buyer

by Brian