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How to Tie a Shemagh

A traditional headdress worn throughout the Middle-East, shemaghs have become an essential uniform piece for U.S. military personnel stationed in arid environments. Shemaghs protect troops' skin from the sun and prevent sand from blowing in their eyes and mouths. While there are different ways to tie a shemagh, we outlined the traditional tying method because it provides excellent protection and it's easy to learn.

Step 1

First, start by folding the shemagh into a triangle by matching one corner to the other.

Step 2

Next, drop the shemagh over your forehead, positioning the edge between your hairline and your browline.

Step 3

Once it's situated, wrap the right side around your chin while pulling the left side down tightly. It's important to pull tightly, otherwise the shemagh won't stay in place.

Step 4

Next, wrap the left side of the shemagh over your face, positioning the edge below your eyes but above the bridge of your nose.

Step 5

Finish by tying the two end pieces behind your head.

Step 6

Now that the shemagh is in place, you may adjust it as needed so it covers the top of your head and the lower half of your face.

That's the traditional method of tying a shemagh — easy, straightforward and effective. With a bit of practice, you'll find a fit that works for you and you'll be well equipped to throw on your shemagh very quickly. You can use yours for sun protection, wind protection and to shield your mouth, ears and nose from any number of hazards.

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