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Maryland Assault Weapons Ban

What Weapons are Prohibited in the State of Maryland
The Firearms Safety Act of 2013 is highly controversial legislation that bans certain rifles, pistols and shotguns, deeming them assault weapons. Restrictions are also placed on detachable magazines with a capacity larger than 10 rounds. Filtering through the legal jargon and various features can make it difficult to determine what exactly the law prohibits. That's why we've assembled a guide to help understand what weapons are banned in the state of Maryland.


Important Considerations for Maryland Gun Owners

UPDATE: On August 3rd, 2020, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the Federal District Court’s decision to halt a lawsuit from gun advocacy group Maryland Shall Issue and a local gun store, Atlantic guns. The original lawsuit claimed that the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 violated the Second and Fourteenth Amendments by causing unnecessary burdens on gun owners in Maryland. In 2019, the Federal District Court dismissed the gun owner-friendly lawsuit.

The August 3rd ruling by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed this dismissal, ruling that Atlantic Guns had, in fact, suffered undue burdens from the Firearm Safety Act. The court agreed that the sales of Atlantic Guns fell due to additional costs for potential customers who wished to purchase guns.

UPDATE: On July 21st, 2017, a group of Maryland gun rights advocates, with the backing of the NRA, filed a petition with the Supreme Court seeking the reversal of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to uphold Maryland's Firearm Safety Act. SCOTUS has not yet decided whether it will review the case.

UPDATE: On February 21st, 2017 the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va. voted (10-4) to uphold Maryland's Firearms Safety Act, stating that the banned firearms are not protected by the Second Amendment of the United States.

UPDATE: On February 2nd, 2016, a federal appeals court ruled that a lower court was wrong when it upheld Maryland's Firearm Safety Act. The 2-1 decision comes as a serious blow to the restrictive gun law, and could lead to lawmakers eventually overturning or amending the restrictions. At this time, the ruling does not affect the information presented above.

Current Weapons Grandfathered In
"Assault weapons" possessed as of October 1, 2013 will be "grandfathered" in, meaning that if you already own a weapon that would be banned by the Firearms Safety Act, you can continue to possess and transport it.

Sales of Detachable Magazines
In addition to the ban of weapons, the Firearms Safety Act makes it illegal to manufacture, sell, offer for sale, purchase, receive, or transfer a detachable magazine that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition for a firearm.

Weapons Specifically Banned in Maryland
See our list below to determine if your weapon has been banned in the statute, banned as a copycat or copy of an enumerated weapon, or reviewed by Maryland Police and not banned. You can also visit mdsp.maryland.gov

Banned weapons listed in statute

AK-47 in all forms
Algimec AGM-1 type semi-auto
American Arms Spectre da Semiautomatic carbine
AP-74 Commando type semi-auto
AR 100 type semi-auto
AR 180 type semi-auto
Argentine L.S.R. semi-auto
Australian Automatic Arms SAR type semi-auto
Auto-Ordnance Thompson M1 and 1927 semi-automatics
Avtomat Kalashnikov semiautomatic rifle in any format
Barrett light .50 cal. semi-auto
Beretta AR70 type semi-auto
Bushmaster ACR
Bushmaster semi-auto rifle
Bushmaster Super Lite Carbine
Calico models M-100 and M-900
CIS SR 88 type semi-auto
Claridge HI TEC C-9 carbines
Colt AR-15, CAR-15, and all imitations except Colt AR-15 Sporter H-BAR rifle
Daewoo MAX 1 and MAX 2, aka AR 100, 110C, K-1, and K-2
Daewoo USAS 12 semi-auto shotgun
Daniel Defense DDM4-V11
Dragunov Chinese made semi-auto
F.I.E./Franchi LAW 12 and SPAS 12 assault shotgun
Famas semi-auto (.223 caliber)
Feather AT-9 semi-auto
FN LAR and FN FAL assault rifle
FNC semi-auto type carbine
Galil models AR and ARM semi-auto
Heckler and Koch HK-91 A3, HK-93 A2, HK-94 A2 and A3
Hill & Mac Gunworks STG-N
Holmes model 88 shotgun
Manchester Arms Commando MK-45, MK-9
Mandell TAC-1 semi-auto carbine
Mossberg model 500 Bullpup assault shotgun
P.A.W.S. carbine
Ruger mini-14 folding stock model (.223 caliber)
SIG 550/551 assault rifle (.223 caliber)
SKS with detachable magazine
Springfield Armory BM-59, SAR-48, G3, SAR-3, M-21 sniper rifle, M1A, excluding the M1 Garand
Sterling Mark 6
Steyr-AUG-SA semi-auto
Street sweeper assault type shotgun
Striker 12 assault shotgun in all formats
Unique F11 semi-auto type
UZI 9mm carbine or rifle
Valmet M-76 and M-78 semi-auto
Weaver Arms "Nighthawk" semi-auto carbine
Wilkinson Arms 9mm semi-auto 'Terry'

Banned as a copycat or copy of a listed weapon

Adams Arms Agency Rifle12/29/2016
Adams Arms Tactical Evo Rifle7/17/2015
Aero Precision model M4E1:223 WYLDE2/4/2019
Anderson MFG AM-155/5/2014
Armalite M153GN9/9/2016
Arsenal SAM7R12/19/2017
Arsenal SLR-107FR12/19/2017
ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx 5.56/.22311/21/2016
Auto Ordnance Thompson 1927A-13/9/2020
Barrett M107A112/9/2014
BCM M4 Carbine10/7/2013
BCM model 741-EAG2/4/2019
BCM model 790 JACK-012/4/2019
BCM model 862 MK-122/4/2019
Beretta ARX 1007/7/2015
Black Rain Ordnance model Spec-15in .223/5.56 caliber3/5/2019
Brownells model BRN-6016/11/2019
Bula Defense model M21-DMR6/11/2019
Bushmaster .300AAC model #909241/28/2020
Centurion Arms model RECCE3/9/2020
Century Arms AES-10B6/5/2018
Century Arms C3087/17/2015
Century Arms C39V24/10/2017
Century Arms C934/10/2017
Century Arms L1A14/10/2017
Century Arms model CETME4/2/2019
Century Arms model VSKA6/11/2019
Century Arms RAS-479/12/2016
Century Arms SAR 14/10/2017
Century International Arms model Centurion 15 Sporter8/12/2020
Century International Arms model RI3284-N3/2/2019
Colt AR-15 model LE65202/28/2018
Colt AR-15 model LE6920 SOCOM2/28/2018
Colt LE69209/9/2016
Colt LE6940P8/31/2016
Daniel Defense DDM4-V118/31/2016
Daniel Defense DDM4-VP1/26/2017
Daniel Defense model MK-126/11/2019
Daniel Defense model V75/2/2018
Del-Ton Echo 3167/12/2017
Delton Sport5/5/2014
Desert Tech MDR1/27/2017
Diamondback DB-153/12/2015
Diamondback DB-15CCMLB6/5/2018
DJ Getz FS 94 FS 40mm12/9/2014
DPMS Oracle .223/5.56 RF A3-OC7/12/2017
DS Arms Model SA58 16" Traditional Profile Barrel, PARA Stock Rifle1/10/2019
Fabrique Nationale FN-15 Military Collector M1611/5/2019
FN PS-90 Standard1/26/2017
Fostech Origin 1212/15/2017
Franklin Armory model Reformation3/2/2019
Fulton Armory Semi-Auto M143/12/2015
H & K 93 A311/5/2014
H & K SR99/13/2017
Hill & Mac Gunworks STG-N8/31/2016
HK 415/20/2014
Interordance AK-74 Wood-0017/12/2017
IWI GALIL ACE10/18/2016
IWI GALIL ACE Model GAR 16398/8/2019
IWI model Zion-158/12/2020
IWI Tavor CTAR10/1/2013
IWI Tavor Flattop10/1/2013
IWI Tavor GTAR10/1/2013
IWI Tavor STAR10/1/2013
IWI Tavor TAR10/1/2013
IWI Tavor X95 Carbine, L, R S, Flattop10/1/2013
James River Armory model M72 B16/11/2019
James River Armory Rock OLA M-147/12/2017
James River Armory XM1E22/28/2018
Kel Tec Bullpup 3088/5/2014
Kel Tec model RDB-Survival1/6/2019
Kel-Tec Model RDB-179/5/2018
LRB Arms M-252/4/2019
M10 7.62 AK-4710/1/2013
M1A Socom 1610/1/2013
Masterpiece Arms model MPA20DMG3/2/2019
Microtech model STG-556 Gen IV with 16in Barrel6/12/2019
Molot VEPR AK74 9model fm-ak74-1112/19/2017
Mossberg MMR Hunter8/12/2020
MSR 15 Recon and Patrol Models12/20/2017
Oxgoad Arms Model Exodus Rifle11/5/2019
Palmetto State Armory model PSAK-47 GF38/12/2020
Patriot Ordnance Factory WarHog Lite PN-007039/9/2016
PT-100 GI .308 Caliber8/12/2020
Radical Firearms 556-SOCOM9/5/2018
RISE Armament RA-350T1/10/2019
Rock River Arms LAR-15 #1700X11/5/2019
Rock River Arms LAR-15 #1705X4/2/2019
Rock River Arms LAR-15 Elite Operator 28/31/2016
Rock River Arms model LAR-15 #FE1500TAN4/2/2019
Rock River Arms model LAR-15 #FE1515GMG4/2/2019
Ruger AR 556 850011/9/2015
Ruger AR-556 #85391/28/2020
Ruger AR-556 MPR #85142/28/2018
Ruger AR-556 MPR #851911/5/2019
S & W M & P 1510/1/2013
Saiga AK47 Rifle IZ132R4/29/2015
Saiga RWCLZ-1149/23/2015
Savage 228992/28/2018
Sig Sauer 51611/6/2014
Sig Sauer 55612/20/2017
Sig Sauer M40010/1/2013
Sig Sauer MCX7/9/2015
Sig Sauer model 553-R8/12/2020
Sig Sauer RMCX-16B-TAP-P7/12/2018
Sig Sauer RMCX-300B-16B-TFSAL-P1/27/2017
Sig Sauer RMCX-300B-TAP-P11/5/2019
Smith & Wesson M&P 15 115119/10/2017
Smith & Wesson M&P 15 8110009/10/2017
Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport 8110363/12/2015
Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport 8110413/12/2015
Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II9/8/2016
Smith & Wesson model M&P 15 PC #1780164/2/2019
Smith & Wesson model M&P Sport II #133048/12/2020
Springfield Armory M1-A Scout Squad .3081/6/2019
Springfield Armory M1-A SOCOM 161/6/2019
Springfield Armory M1-A SOCOM 16-CQB1/6/2019
Springfield Armory model Saint Edge8/12/2020
Springfield Armory Saint11/21/2016
SRM Model 12083/18/2014
SRM Model 12123/18/2014
SRM Model 12163/18/2014
Stag Arms model 2T7/12/2017
Stag Arms Stag 155/5/2014
Two Rivers Arms model TABUK SNIPER1/6/2019
Vector 93 A310/28/2014
Windham Weaponry R20GVTA4S-74/7/2017
ZASTAVA M70 N-PAP12/19/2017
Zastava PAP5/5/2014
Zenith Z-417/17/2015
Zenith Z-437/17/2015

Reviewed weapons NOT banned

ADCOR Defense B.E.A.R. Rifle11/5/2019
Adcor Elite A-5569/9/2016
Akdal MKA 19194/29/2015
Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel 16" lighweight7/12/2017
Anatolia MFG Armagon G128/31/2016
Anderson MFG AM-15 in .3007/12/2017
Anderson MFG AM-15 in .458 SOCOM8/12/2020
Ares Defense SCR4/29/2015
Armalite M153GN182/28/2018
Armalite model M15-A2 National Match6/11/2019
Arsenal model SA RPK-5R1/28/2020
Arsenal SLR 104-3112/29/2016
Arsenal SLR 104UR7/12/2017
Arsenal SLR 1059/11/2017
Arsenal SLR 106 FR, F, CR5/30/2017
ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx .3009/5/2018
ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx .4105/2/2018
Atlantic Arms MFG AAM-749/11/2017
Barrett model 82-A1 in .4164/16/2020
Barrett Rec79/23/2015
Bear Creek Arsenal Grizzly 28/31/2016
Bear Creek Arsenal Sub One8/31/2016
Berretta, Inc. CX4 Storm Carbine11/6/2014
Bighorn Armory AR5003/2/2019
Brownells model BRN-Proto3/2/2019
Century Arms M74 Sporter4/7/2017
Century Arms model M76 SPORTER8/8/2019
Century Arms model VZ-2008 Sporter11/18/2019
Century Arms PSL54C5/30/2017
Century Arms WASR-39/13/2017
Century International Arms VZ 5811/6/2014
Century International Arms Zastava PAP M77PS2/28/2018
Charles Daly Model NS-4 Shotgun11/5/2019
Chiappa Firearms model RAK-96/11/2019
Chiappa model NS-4 Shotgun11/5/2019
CMMG MK 47 AKM 28/31/2016
Colt AR-15 model M4A1-SOCOM9/4/2018
Colt AR901 16S4/16/2015
Colt CE2000 HB9/11/2017
Colt LE901 16S4/29/2015
Colt LE901 16SE4/16/2015
Colt model 69512/4/2019
Creative Arms Model ARK1/6/2019
CZ 805 Bren S19/9/2016
Daniel Defense DDM4-V11 PRO7/12/2017
Daniel Defense model DDM4 V7-PRO3/9/2020
Del-Ton Echo 316H MLOK8/8/2019
DPMS MK1210/7/2014
DPMS Panther Arms, RFLR-243L7/9/2015
DPMS Recon10/7/2014
DPMS RF A3-PCAR-1611/9/2015
DS Arms RPD12/20/2017
Eagle Arms M15 EA019/8/2016
Eagle Arms M15 EA029/8/2016
Eagle Arms M15 EA02-MFT9/8/2016
Eagle Arms M15 EAMFT9/8/2016
Fabrique Nationale FS-20009/9/2016
Fabrique Nationale SCAR 20-S1/8/2019
Faxon Firearms Model ARAK-21XRS9/1/2018
FN Herstal M249S1/26/2017
FN Scar10/1/2013
FN-15 model 177611/21/2016
FR16 300HBAR-15FCR8/12/2020
Fulton Armory M652/28/2018
Geissele Automatics model Duty Rifle (Heavy Barrel Version)1/28/2020
Genesis Arms Gen-12 Shotgun9/5/2018
H & K MR556A18/5/2014
HD Defense model GENESIS V3-MD4/16/2020
Heckler & Koch 416 D145RS 22LR7/9/2015
Heckler & Koch Model 416-A5 (With a Barrel More Than 16 Inches)8/8/2019
Heckler & Koch MP5-SD .229/23/2015
Hi Point 4095TS4/16/2015
Hi Point 4595TS4/29/2015
Hi Point 99510/1/2013
Husan Arms/EAA Corp Model MKA 1919 Shotgun9/5/2018
IWI B18RS9/23/2015
IWI Galil Ace model GAR-16519/11/2017
IWI model Zion-15 HB10/5/2020
IWI Tavor model TS122/27/2018
IWI XB-18RS12/29/2016
Just Right Carbine 9mm10/1/2013
Just Right Carbines (Multi Cal)9/8/2016
Kel Tec KSG Shotgun10/1/2013
Kel Tec KSG-25 Shotgun3/9/2020
Kel Tec model RDB-C1/6/2019
Kel Tec PMR 30 Handgun10/1/2013
Kel Tec RFB Sporter8/5/2014
Kel Tec sub 200010/1/2013
Kel-Tec KS-78/12/2020
Kel-Tec model RDB-Hunter 204/2/2019
Kel-Tec model RDB-Hunter 20BLK4/2/2019
Kel-Tec SU-16C11/9/2015
Kriss Vector CRB Gen 29/13/2017
Lewis Machine & Tool LM308MWSE4/29/2015
Linyi Cheetah DDI 12 Shotgun9/9/2016
LWRC IC-A511/9/2015
LWRCI DI (HBAR)12/20/2017
LWRCI M69/10/2014
M+M Arms M10X Elite12/29/2016
M+M Arms M10X-Z12/28/2016
Manufacture d' armes de Saint-Etienne MAS 493/12/2015
Manufacture d' armes de Saint-Etienne MAS 49/5611/30/2016
Mason Dixon Arms 5.56 HBAR9/9/2016
Microtech model STG-556 Gen IV with 18in Barrel6/13/2019
Microtech model STG-556 Gen IV with 20in Barrel6/13/2019
Molot VEPR Hunter .30-0611/18/2016
Molot VEPR Hunter 308 x 21.54/29/2015
Molot VEPR Hunter 7.62 X 54 Russian11/18/2016
MSR 15 Recon LRP and Valkyrie Models12/20/2017
Nemo Arms OMEN Watchman10/1/2013
Nodak model NDS-6012/28/2018
Norinco 84S2/28/2018
Ohio Ordnance Works 1918A3-SLR9/9/2016
Olympic Arms, Inc. K30R16SST9/23/2015
Palmametto State Armory Model KS-47 Gen II6/12/2019
Palmetto State Armory PSA 9mm model# 51654500301/28/2020
Panzer Arms Model AR-12 Shotgun11/5/2019
Panzer Arms model BP12 shotgun2/4/2019
Patriot Ordnance Factory P-415 EDGE9/13/2017
Patriot Ordnance Factory Renegade Plus SPR rifle11/5/2019
Polytech Inc M148/5/2014
Precision Reflex Mark 1212/9/2014
Primary Weapons System MK114 ALPHA2/4/2019
Primary Weapons Systems MK1167/9/2015
PTR 32 KFR Gen 2 Rifle7/12/2017
Radical Firearms model FCR 7.62 HBAR1/28/2020
Remington 761511/6/2014
Rifle Dynamics RD5038/8/2019
Rise Armament model 1121XR in 6.5 Creedmoor4/16/2020
Rock Island Armory model VR-80 (Armscor)2/4/2019
Rock Island Armory model VR60-601BC (Armscor)2/4/2019
Rock River Arms Coyote Carbine5/21/2015
Rock River Arms Delta Carbine5/21/2015
Rock River Arms LAR-15 Coyote #15374/2/2019
Rock River Arms LAR-15 QMC #1860T4/2/2019
Rock River Arms LAR-404/29/2015
Rock River Arms LAR-47 CAR A47/8/2015
Rock River Arms model LAR-95/2/2018
Rock River Arms National Match AR1285X4/7/2017
Rock River Arms National Match AR1286X4/7/2017
Rock River Arms National Match AR12894/7/2017
Rock River Arms National Match AR12904/7/2017
Rock River Arms National Match AR16004/7/2017
Rock River Arms National Match AR16104/7/2017
Rock River Arms Tactical Comp5/21/2015
Rock River Arms X-15/21/2015
Ruger AR-556 #85028/31/2016
Ruger AR-556 #85115/30/2017
Ruger AR-556 #852911/5/2019
Ruger AR-556 #85328/12/2020
Ruger AR-556 MPR #85221/6/2019
Ruger Mini Thirty9/23/2015
Ruger PC CARBINE 9MM2/28/2018
Ruger SR 55610/18/2016
S & W M & P 1010/7/2014
S & W M & P 15-2210/1/2013
Saiga .308 Rifle (Sporter)3/28/2018
Saiga Shotgun10/1/2013
Savage Arms model MSR-15 Patrol3/2/2019
Savage Arms model MSR-15 Recon3/13/2019
Savage Striker 300 WSM7/17/2015
SDS Imports Model LYNX LH-12 Shotgun11/5/2019
Serbu BFG -5010/1/2013
Sig Sauer MPX-C-9-KM-T12/29/2016
Sig Sauer R7164/29/2015
Sig Sauer R716 H18B 3GH4/16/2015
Sig Sauer R716G2-H16B-DMR Rifle11/5/2019
SMG FG-421/26/2017
Springfield Armory M1A Loaded-6.5 Creedmoor5/2/2018
Stag Arms 3G7/16/2015
Stag Arms Model 2 (Maryland Compliant Version)12/19/2017
Stag Arms Model 580024 (Maryland Compliant Version)5/2/2018
Stag Arms model 8T3/9/2020
Stag Arms Model 97/9/2015
Stag Arms model STAG-15 VALKYRIE2/4/2019
SWAT MFG MSR-151/26/2017
Tristar Sporting Arms model #251221/28/2020
UTS 1510/1/2013
VZ 20004/3/2014
VZ 20084/3/2014
VZ 584/3/2014
War Sport Inc. Model LVOA-C9/1/2018
Winchester 13009/23/2015
Windham Weaponry Model R1FTSK-308-MA11/5/2019
Windham Weaponry R16A4T-HBC8/31/2016
Windham Weaponry R16M4FTT-76212/9/2014
Zastava Model M766/12/2019
ZASTAVA PAP M90NP10/19/2016
Zenith Z-55/2/2018

Still Unsure if your Weapon is Banned?

Maryland State Police have shared this form for any weapon owners who wish to have their firearm's status reviewed.

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