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6 People You Meet at a Shooting Range

A shooting range can be a unique melting pot of personalities. From the dudes dressed in head-to-toe tactical gear to the more casually attired shooters, there are a few types of gun enthusiasts you will encounter over and over again. The next time you decide to let off some brass, take a look around. We bet you see at least one person from this list.


From the super intense to the more recreational, gun owners come in all shapes and sizes. While keeping that in mind, there are a few types of people found regularly on the local shooting ranges of America. Some might find them obnoxious; others might be able to identify with one or two of them. Changes are you will meet at least one of these shooters on your next trip to the range.

  1. The Suburban Commando
    • Likes to pretend he was an SF operator
    • Currently employed in the elite mall security ranks
    • Talks in cryptic, yet incorrect military lingo
    • Weapon of choice: It's hard to tell under all those tactical accessories

  2. The Redneck Hunter
    • His two favorite colors are Realtree and Mossy Oak
    • Dresses in jeans and plaid or Carhartt brown jacket
    • Drives a diesel truck with at least one dog in the back
    • Will talk for hours about the deliciousness of venison
    • Weapon of choice: Winchester Model 70, Savage 110 or Browning BAR

  3. The Man in Tac-Black
    • Pulls up in apocalypse-proof transportation
    • Ridiculous mustache, military-short hair
    • Apparently does not feel recoil
    • Prone or go home—will not shoot from the bench
    • Weapon of choice: His hands—he killed a man with them once

  4. The Reckless Noob
    • Has NEVER broken down a firearm
    • Pays full price for ammo from the local Walmart
    • Doesn't hit one of his handmade cardboard targets
    • Spends the rest of the day asking to shoot other range-goers' guns
    • Weapon of choice: Bargain bin guns, like Norinco or Hi-Point

  5. The Guest
    • Doesn't own any guns
    • Stands off to the side unless invited to shoot
    • Nervous at first, but soon falls into the swing of things
    • Soon becomes a regular patron of the range
    • Weapon of choice: Only time will tell, but a minimum recoil .22 is a nice start

  6. The Grumpy Gramps
    • Spends the day teaching his grandson how to shoot
    • Does not approve of feminism, Communism, today's youth and so on
    • Between rants, he doles out ammo... but one bullet at a time
    • Weapon of choice: Any rifle from the "better days"

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