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How To Roll Your OCP Uniform Sleeves (Camo Out)

In 2016, the U.S. Army issued a memorandum authorizing soldiers to roll their sleeves while wearing the OCP Uniform. However, the camouflage pattern must remain exposed and troops are not allowed to roll their sleeves higher than three inches above their elbow. So how exactly do you roll up your sleeves while keeping the camouflage pattern visible? There is a secure and effective way to accomplish this, and we outlined each step to make it as simple as possible.

Step 1

First, place the uniform on a flat surface and unbutton the cuffs, this is essential because you'll need to rebutton them later.

Step 2

Next, turn the sleeve inside out and pull up high enough to cover the bottom section of the loop field that is located on the shoulder. Be sure to do this neatly, ensuring no folds or wrinkles are present.

Step 3

Roll the sleeve up again, only pulling the sleeve up to just below the cuff.

Step 4

Repeat the previous step. The sleeve will appear much shorter each time you roll it up.

Step 5

Finally, flip the cuff down so the camo faces out and button the cuff. The buttoning secures the cuff and ensures that the folds stay in place.

This no-fail method ensures your camouflage is always visible, your sleeves are secure and that regulations are being followed. It's important to note that this is an exception to AR 670-1 rules, and is at the discretion of your commanding officer. They have the last say on how the uniform should be worn.

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