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Panteao Make Ready with Bill Jeans

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  • Join Bill Jeans for a one-on-one training session in his Shotgun Operator course. Bill is the owner-operator of Morrigan Consulting, a tactical weapons training and consulting business in operation since 1998. For over seven years Bill was the Operations Manager and Chief Rangemaster for Gunsite, the world-renowned school founded by Jeff Cooper. With Shotgun Operator, you will learn about ammo selection, gun handling, patterning with buckshot and shooting with slugs, how to engage multiple targets, transitioning to a handgun, shooting the standards, and more.

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Panteao Make Ready with Bill Jeans Shotgun Operator

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  • Panteao Make Ready with Bill Jeans Shotgun Operator

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Panteao collage Panteao Productions is named after the Portuguese translation of pantheon, which is defined as a group of people highly regarded for their contributions to a field. This is quite fitting for the video production company as the firearms instructors featured are knowledgeable and experienced. Backed by an experienced, seasoned film crew, Panteao's Make Ready series already covers a wide range of subjects such as handguns, carbines, shotguns, long guns, concealed carry, use of lethal force, self-defense tactics, firearms diagnostics and armorer's training, and K9 handling. Available in DVD and streaming formats, Panteao is selective and only spotlights talented experts.
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Panteao Make Ready with Bill Jeans Shotgun Operator Shotgun Operator
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