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Ridge Air-Tac Oxford

Item Number: 8001

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      • Weight: 18 oz.
      • Full grain leather toe box / nylon
      • Triple / double stitching
      • Metal eyelet lacing
      • Vapor wick lining
      • Removable insole
      • Steel shank
      • PU midsole
      • Lightweight carbon rubber outsole
      • Tactical air heel system
      • Slip resistant

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    Ridge Air-Tac Oxford Black

    Available Colors

    • Ridge Air-Tac Oxford Black

    About Ridge Air-Tac Oxford

    • Does it feel like you spend more time on your feet than off? Then it’s time to slip on the Ridge Oxford! These supremely cushioned shoes are water resistant so no job is too tough to handle. A tactical air heel system ups comfort by creating a single fluid motion from heel to toe. The PU midsole keeps your feet supported without feeling too stiff, and a steel shank keeps you steady. Additionally, the shoes are full-grain leather so they’ll hold their shape day in and day out. And if you fear your feet will start to get stuffy? Don’t be. The footbed is lined with a vapor-wick lining to keep airflow optimized. Choose comfort and reliability when you choose the Ridge Oxford.

    About Ridge

    Ridge collage Founded in 1997, Ridge Footwear manufactures a variety of boot styles for law enforcement officers, SWAT teams, EMTs and military personnel. Driven by the desire to exceed competitors, the company is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve its products, like the tactical boot air heel system feature. Its Air-Tac is still setting the standard for the black boot market. Ridge has also become well-known for its lightweight footwear and high-quality products. Durable and versatile, these boots are built to be comfortable and support the operators who wear them. Accommodating a variety of needs, Ridge Footwear works to keep hardworking men and women on their feet.
    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Ridge Air-Tac Oxford Black Black, Medium, 6
    SKU: RG8001-6M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 6.5
    SKU: RG8001-65M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 7
    SKU: RG8001-7M
    Backorder $82.00
    Black, Medium, 7.5
    SKU: RG8001-75M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 8
    SKU: RG8001-8M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 8.5
    SKU: RG8001-85M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 9
    SKU: RG8001-9M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 9.5
    SKU: RG8001-95M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 10
    SKU: RG8001-10M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 10.5
    SKU: RG8001-105M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 11
    SKU: RG8001-11M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 11.5
    SKU: RG8001-115M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 12
    SKU: RG8001-12M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 13
    SKU: RG8001-13M
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Medium, 14
    SKU: RG8001-14M
    Backorder $82.00
    Black, Wide, 7
    SKU: RG8001-7W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 7.5
    SKU: RG8001-75W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 8
    SKU: RG8001-8W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 8.5
    SKU: RG8001-85W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 9
    SKU: RG8001-9W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 9.5
    SKU: RG8001-95W
    Backorder $82.00
    Black, Wide, 10
    SKU: RG8001-10W
    Backorder $82.00
    Black, Wide, 10.5
    SKU: RG8001-105W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 11
    SKU: RG8001-11W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 11.5
    SKU: RG8001-115W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 12
    SKU: RG8001-12W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 13
    SKU: RG8001-13W
    In Stock $82.00
    Black, Wide, 14
    SKU: RG8001-14W
    In Stock $82.00 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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