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Vasque Breeze GTX

Item Number: 7466

Unavailable: Sorry, this product is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please Contact Us with questions or for an alternative recommendation.


  • Keep on trekking in men's Vasque Breeze GTX boots, specifically designed with a Vibram contact sole for additional traction and balance. With a molded EVA midsole and overall Gore-Tex design, these lightweight boots can handle even the roughest terrain. Durable waterproofing and breathable support are the mainstay of all Vasque boots. Whether you are scaling mountains or relaxing by the lake, these boots are essential for your next outdoor adventure. Carrying out a half-century tradition of creating hiking boots tailored to each individual's needs, these boots bear the William Sweasy stamp of excellence. Vasque Breeze GTX boots keep you focused on the path ahead as you confidently trek onward.


    • Weight: 2lb. 9 oz. (1162g)
    • Outsole: Vibram Contact
    • Last: Arc Tempo
    • Midsole: Molded EVA
    • GORE-TEX

    Arc Tempo Last
    Vasque's Arc Tempo last creates an athletic fit that promotes quickness and agility over technical ground. The asymmetrical curve is ideal for people with higher arches and also places your foot in a more powerful position during toe off. This aggressive toe spring facilitates rapid obstacle clearance. The tapered toe box offers adequate room without wasted space. And the medium volume heel fits a wide range of shapes. It's perfect for shorter distances on technical trails.

Reviews: Vasque Breeze GTX

4 out of 5

Reviewed by 12 customers

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  • Oldest and Best!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/13/2014
    Reviewer: | Vancouver, WA
  • 5 out of 5 I am really sad that the Vasque Breeze GTX has been discontinued. All you have left are Size 7 (sniff). My Breeze boots are almost three years old and are the most comfortable. I do a lot of urban and suburban hiking. I bought a pair of 2.0 GTX about a year ago and they have already gone to the Salvation Army. I just couldn't wear them. The scuff guarded toe box just trashed my big toe. Will be a long time before the toe bruise goes away. Any suggestions for a replacement in another brand? Please let me know.

  • Very Good Hiking Boot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 1/24/2014
    Reviewer: | New Glarus
  • 5 out of 5 Comfortable, durable and a very good fit

  • They leak !!!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 12/14/2012
    Reviewer: | Front Royal Virginia
  • 1 out of 5 I have owned these boots for just under 1 year now. They have proven to be a well ventilated and comfortable boot over the lenght of time I've owned them. I just recently went hiking in wet conditions and both of my boots leaked pretty bad, starting at my little toe inward. This is the first time I have spend this much for a pair of boots, and I am left disapointed over my purchase and with Vasque, since they won't even respond back to me on the matter. To this point I have never even had a pair of Goretex boots leak on me. Please don't waste your money on these boots.

  • Finally!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 12/8/2012
    Reviewer: | Gold Canyon, AZ
  • 5 out of 5 Finally found the right hiking boot. The majority of my treks are in the Superstitions on rocky/gnarly footing. The Breeze bring my feet home without even knowing they've been on the trail.

  • comfortable but poor wet traction

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 11/30/2012
    Reviewer: | CT, USA
  • 2 out of 5 I've had these boots for 2 years now. Wore them on the AT (60 miles), Mount Monadnock (NH), a week in the Dolly Sods Wilderness (WV), Grand canyon, Zion, Bryce, Arches and Moab.. They have always been comfortable even on 13 hour days, though some taping of one heal and two toes was necessary due to hot spots after the third day. Feet stayed dry and moisture moved away well and kept sand out when hiking in Arches. Those are why I like the boots, My main complaint is that they are not andhave never been very reliable on rocks - especially wet rocks. Took an unexpected dip in he Red River when I slipped on a rock that no one else in the group had a problem with; Slid my way down rock descents in NH and decided to cut slits int he rubber when doming off Mt Monadnock in the rain; and just plain gave up on them when hiking over red rock in Moab where falls can be deadly. There is just too much flat rubber surfaces on the sole to grip on wet rocks. I won't be buying these again. The fastest way to get hurt when hiking is to fall.

  • Not Too Shabby

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 1/12/2012
    Reviewer: | Rockwell, NC
  • 4 out of 5 This is my first pair of boots. I've enjoyed wearing them, but there are some things I would change: I would eliminate the plastic grommets and I would make the soles just a bit softer on the feet.

  • dam fine boots, dam fine

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 9/13/2011
    Reviewer: | Boise, Idaho
  • 5 out of 5 I never write reviews ever... I always felt like I did not want to waiste my time. However I realized after spending hours and days of serching for the perfect boots, how important reviews are to help one find the right boot. I live in the rocky mountains of montana and needed a top level boot. I have serched and tryed a ton of brands, and I must say... vasque Rules! I use to own the original zephers before vasque re did them and messed them up. I needed something to replace my vasque zephers, I hiked all over Iceland and montana in snow, mountains and volcanic rock with my 1st pair and they were amazing. So I figured... why not come back to vasque for a new pair of boots since almost every other brand i have tryed besides merrill have felt crappy to me. I just got the breeze gtx in the mail and have not hiked in them yet, but have worn them around were I live. They feel even better than my 1st pair of zephers. They do not need to be broken in at all and they have a bit of a strech effect to them that felt like a custom fit around my foot, the boot felt to form fit around my feet and are not tight or stiff what so ever. One big thing you must know about vasque before you buy them is this... Always order 1 size higher then what you normally wear. vasque is not true to foot size. I wear size 14, and with both pairs of vasques I have had to get size 15.

  • Awesome boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/8/2011
    Reviewer: | Ohio
  • 5 out of 5 Purchased these for backpacking in the mountains and wilderness areas. First trip so far was Dolly Sods WV. Some of the most rocky and difficult terrains I've had to traverse. Boots held up well. Very stable over uneven terrain. No problems with water, and the tread is pretty aggressive. But no matter what they say, Gore-Tex is not all that breathable. For the ultimate summer hiking boot I'd rather go with the non GTX, but I am hiking in really wet and muddy areas anyhow. These boots felt like running shoes. Fit perfectly although I had to go about 1 full size bigger. Wish they had a full rubber rand but I guess you cant have it all. As with any boot fit is foremost. No matter how much someone talks up a boot if they don't fit your feet it doesn't matter. Everyone's feet are different, arches, pronation, etc, and different manufacturer/model boots can vary alot. I highly recommend fitting in store. My own personally feeling is these boots are very neutral as far as adjusting for pronation and arch height etc.

  • Truly excllent hiking boots.. Vasque Breeze rocks!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/13/2011
    Reviewer: | Portland, ME
  • 5 out of 5 I have now used my Vasque Breeze GTX (Goretex lined boots on two challenging day hikes in the White Mountains (NH) and Baxter State Park (ME) and a weekend backpack in the Bigelow Preserve near Sugarloaf. Since all of these 'field tests' took place in New England, the conditions varied from dry to damp to the snow & ice of this past weekend. These boots are very comfortable and provided good grip in all conditions. You can hike in them with confidence and comfort. They are very breathable, as my feet stayed dry even as I hiked strong and when I stepped into some mud or water, not one drop penetrated. Prior to these boots, I had been addicted to Merrills and thought that would be my boot company forever. Well, Vasque has pushed Merrill aside. You will be pleased with the Vasque Breeze. Happy and safe hiking to you.

  • Great shoe

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/7/2011
    Reviewer: | Arizona
  • 5 out of 5 its nice and light weight and has a lot of support and cushion for your feet for those long days hiking or just doing nothing around town.

  • Big fan

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 7/13/2010
    Reviewer: | North Carolina
  • 5 out of 5 Been a Vasque fan for years. Put many miles on several pair here in the Blue Ridge. The Breeze GTX is the best I've owned. Comfortable right out of the box. Great foot and ankle support. And, like the name implies they are a Breeze of cooling comfort. Order 1/2 size up to accommodate the thickness of a hiking

  • Great boot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/6/2010
    Reviewer: | missouri
  • 5 out of 5 comfort after a short breakin period. Toe box was a bit tight but broke in within 3 days of hiking. Keep my feet dry, good sole/grip design. In sole removable so I was able to put my Rx inserts in. I highly recommend them for light trekking and hiking. I am most satisfied and will buy this procuct again.

Vasque Breeze GTX Taupe / Burnt Orange

About Vasque Breeze GTX

  • Made to conquer every terrain, the Vasque Breeze features an exclusive Vibram Contact outsole. This sole includes aggressive lugs that ensure superior traction on even the most rugged, uneven terrain. Designed for quick movement, its aerobic design is lightweight yet protective. Supremely breathable and comfortable, the contoured Phylon midsole absorbs shock while providing lightweight support. The Arc Tempo last promotes agility over technical ground. Its asymmetrical curve is ideal for those with high arches, and its aggressive toe spring allows the wearer to effortlessly clear any obstacles in their paths. While the Breeze is a solid boot for a number of activities, it is best suited for shorter distances and more technical paths.

About Vasque

Vasque collage While traveling through the European continent in the mid-1960s, William Sweasy realized that the backpacking and hiking craze that had hit there would soon make its way to the United States. Focusing on the path that lay ahead, Sweasy quickly began developing a line of quality mountaineering and hiking boots. His preparation was not in vain. With an extensive selection of men’s and women’s hiking footwear, dedicated nature explorers will find styles tailored for their specific activities. Vasque has come far from its first boot, the Voyageur, and continuously challenges hikers to step out into the next big outdoor adventure.
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