Today, McRae manufactures high-quality military boots for the U.S. Armed Forces, but the company started in 1959 with a very different focus — children’s footwear. Don’t think for a second this means McRae is playing around. These boots are built for combat. McRae received its first contract with the Department of Defense in 1967 and since has dedicated itself to crafting rugged, reliable military boots. The company won the contract because it constructs its boots using Process 82 and vulcanized rubber construction. Process 82 involves stitching the leather upper to a welt, then molding the rubber outsole directly to the leather. The welt and rubber sole become one, yielding one of the most durable constructions available. McRae offers tactical boots with the same high-quality, resilient design, so public safety professionals and civilians can benefit from these battle-tested boots as well. In 2022, McRae proudly became the first boot manufacturer in the world to exclusively produce 100% of their footwear in the U.S. with U.S. sourced materials.