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Oakley Videos

  • Oakley SI Assault 2 at TacticalGear.com
  • Oakley Standard Issue Ballistic M Frame 3.0 Impact Video
  • Oakley SI Ballistic DetCord
  • Oakley Standard Issue Cerakote Eyewear Collection

Oakley Reviews

    • Oakley Thin Blue Line T-Shirt

    • 5.0 star rating
    • Great shirts! Oakley does everything right!
      Reviewer: Mark Hoxie


      I knew it was going to be a quality shirt because its made by Oakley and everything I own from them is top shelf! Another great job Oakley I bought both colors and I love them both. You gotta show your support its important. Especially right now!

    • Oakley Silicon Hat 2.0

    • 5.0 star rating
    • The material is very comfortable
      Reviewer: William Price


      It runs small. So if you have a large head stear clear.

Oakley Headquarters

Oakley is one of the biggest names in high-quality eyewear, clothing and other tactical items, but the company began as a small operation. James Jannard started Oakley in 1975, crafting and selling protective eyewear for motorcyclists out of the back of his Honda. The original sunglasses were crafted using high-impact plastic, making them lighter and stronger than the glass eyewear that was available at the time. But the fine craftsmanship and innovations helped Oakley expand into a large, diversified operation. The company caught the attention of SEALS, Rangers, Green Berets and other specialized branches within the military for their rugged, ergonomic designs. Soon all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces favored Oakley products, so much so that Oakley began working with the Department of Defense to design items specifically for servicemen and women. We feature a large assortment of tactically advanced Oakley items, including optics, clothing and boots.