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Oakley Headquarters

Oakley has consistently been a market-leader in optical technology since its establishment in 1975. That's why the brand is easily recognized in the tactical industry for its mission-ready eyewear. The company developed a familiarity with serving world-class athletes and operators with innovative products, so it wasn't a stretch for the brand to branch out. Oakley takes this dedication to advancement and applies it to tactical clothing, equipment and footwear as well. We carry not only high-performance Oakley optics, but also apparel, bags, packs, accessories, footwear and more. Consider us your Oakley headquarters.

Oakley Reviews

Oakley Shield T-Shirt

3 out of 5

Not for use with OCP ACUs
Reviewer: Ted Z. | Arlington, VA
Date: 8/25/2015

This is a comfortable shirt, and I really like the printing across the front. However, I have two complaints. First, the shade is completely wrong for wear underneath the OCP ACU. I know this shirt isn't marketed as such, but unlike earlier shirts from Oakley that were the right shade of desert tan for ACUs, the cloth in this shirt is not anything close to the Army's "Tan 499" -- the color required for wear with the OCP ACUs. Also, the sleeve printing of "Molon Labe" (in Greek) is of poor quality. First of all, it is jet black and therefore the only thing on the shirt that stands out (why?). Second, it appears to have smeared in the printing process, making the second word very hard to read. I think this is a good workout shirt, but I have plenty of other workout shirts that are cheaper.

Oakley Icon Pack 3.0 - Infinite Hero Version

5 out of 5

Just what I was looking for
Reviewer: Jaguar | Birmingham
Date: 8/25/2015

Great bag

Oakley SI Garage Rock

5 out of 5

Reviewer: Steve | Crestline
Date: 8/25/2015

Great product!!!!